Tuesday, December 17, 2013

warm saffron-honey milk

ceramic spoons by brianna aalborg-volper

i was inspired to share this recipe when i saw this recent post by a food blogger that i like.

i learned to make this when i was pastry-sous at venus. 
my chef had been to india and had learned how to make it there.

the combination of saffron, honey and ginger is an intriguing departure from hot chocolate.

warm saffron-honey milk
makes one-two cups

whole organic milk, preferably raw, measured into one or two mugs

7 coins fresh ginger
generous spoonful raw honey
big pinch saffron threads
one whole cardamon pod, crushed
tiny pinch salt

1. combine all in a heavy bottomed pot over low heat.

2. stir occasionally until honey is dissolved and milk is warmed through, heating very slowly to allow the milk to reduce slightly. 

3. strain into a warmed mug.

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