Monday, January 31, 2011

ghost town farm

your work can be your life. that's the feeling i get when i bike down west or mlk to visit novellafresh at ghosttown farm.

work+love+life=same thing. my homegirl makes it look easy. a sign that you are good at what you do.

come visit this sunday for a pop-up farm stand & fundraiser
sunday february 27th 11 t0 2
mlk & 28th in oakland

rabbit pot pies, homemade chai with goats milk & ghosttown honey, books, tee-shirts & greens

Sunday, January 2, 2011

donut farm

even though i live at the chicken coop now, joshfresh is still my donutman.

the holidays were tough for me this year, but i had a really nice new years eve and day, and this morning after a brisk early morning bike ride i had the most incredible brunch at the donut farm.

every saturday and sunday in the building where pepples organic vegan donuts are made, josh and his team make vegan brunch. this isn't random, experimental, food-not-bombs vegan food. brunch at the farm is gourmet.

josh shops locally at the berkeley bowl or monterey market and personally curates each menu from the inspiration of the markets creating a single brunch plate each weekend.

the plate today had crispy hash brown fried in red palm oil, curried tofu and vegetable scramble, savory hodo soybeanery okara knish and choice of dave's killer good seed or acme sour dough toast with house made fake butter. there are also pancakes available with the option of adding organic blueberries and bananas that are served with a housemade candycap syrup.

january 2nd 2011. so far so ood.