Tuesday, December 10, 2013

esalen breakfast

sometime i think this blog should be called "things to do with leftover rice".
pictured above is something my dear friend valerie made for me during one of my latest portland oregon culinary retreats. something she called esalen breakfast; which was actually leftover brown rice (soaked before cooking, of course), fresh pears, dried plums, a little water to help things along, walnuts and a dab of raw coconut oil. something she learned to make during her time living and cooking at the legendary retreat center.

when i am busy in my life in the east bay i don't often make a hot cereal at home, but i do sometimes bundle up and bike to bartavelle in berkeley for perfect porridge. it is a mixture of brown and red rice, quinoa, amaranth and flax seeds slowly cooked overnight. there are options but i nearly always choose savory with ghee, sea salt and dates. 

to quote the awesome rachel cole, whose book, the porridge manifesto is in the backgroud above, "an amazing life starts with an amazing breakfast." 

it's cold out there. start your day correctly.

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