Monday, December 9, 2013

spirit foods

above my spirit meal.

in my childhood it was always a bockwurst sausage, macaroni and cheese, apple sauce and saurkraut. the way my mom made it maximized colors, with purple kraut and bright orange mac from a box. i sometimes leave that element out now, or buy the organic mac in a box instead, which actually isn't as good.

my boyfriend has a thing for canned chili over rice. of course it can be dressed up with a little avocado and hot sauce or even grated cheddar cheese if we have some around, but the only necessary part really is the canned chili; one of the first things he ever cooked for himself.

my spirit kid nate likes chicken ramen with a little green onion and a few drops of sesame oil. or plain is good too and yes he can make it himself. one ice cube to cool it down, please.

my friend olive likes trail-mix. it isn't a spirit meal, more a spirit snack, and if you asked her she would probably say something great about the juxtaposition of the virtue of nuts and raisins mixed with the excitement of chocolate and how every bite offers a different texture.

find the recipe for i created just for her: trailblazer mix, here: in the back section of my latest: LOVESANDWICH.

what are the ingredients in your spirit meals? 

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