Sunday, January 27, 2013

food trends 2013

last week me and my donutman went to the fancy food show in san francisco with a lot of anticipation. 

i've been several times before and was excited to go together, but the day before i woke up in somewhat of a panic thinking, "it's just gonna be a lot of candy and cheese."

and indeed we went and there wasn't a kale chip in sight. the fancy food show is essentially the packaged food show, and going made me realize how much my relationship with food is changing.

last year i noticed what i thought were some very distinct trends: coconut products, figs, truffle infusions, popcorn, nut butters and heavily seeded crackers. this year there were definitely a few more companies doing fine cured meats and one company in particular called field trip that caught my eye with a great booth doing some decent beef jerky. but overall the fancy food show is the packaged food show and there is a lot of candy and cheese. 

food trends 2013: what's up for me and the people i eat with:

identifying with broader dietary terms like plant-based and health-supportive

wide-spread nation-wide rejection and outrage over GMO foods

celebration of old school superfoods like plain whole milk yogurt, raw honey and gelatin

brick & mortar restaurants based on street food

rockstar baristas


chipotle powder


salt cured pickles

long-fermented whole grain breads


interpreting whole foods in a more bone-in, skin on, full-fat paradigm

gluten free indicators on menus

health care for the food industry


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