Tuesday, August 17, 2010

jons street eats

jon is my hero.

my basic understanding is that jon was on his was to opening a restaurant somewhere in oakland, maybe on auto row or in uptown, but when the economy tanked he lost his investors. through some combination of inspiration or necessity jon brought his food to the street using a food cart, not even a full on truck.

there are usually about five items available, always driven by the season, including a special drink, and sometimes a dessert. his motto is slow food kind of fast.

right now i'm obsessed with the grilled corn. it's served kind of mexican style with lime aioli, grana padana, and chili flakes. it's so good it makes me laugh and cry. nate the great tried it one time and dubbed it heaven.

jon has been at it just over a year now, and i eat his food every chance i get. find them at bike church at manifesto bicycles, art murmer, stanford at hollis in emeryville, and kitty's bar.

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