Saturday, January 30, 2010


my first trip to outerlands was right around new years. dm had been out of town for a few days and i'de been having a good time finishing projects and reflecting. a few of my foodie friends had mentioned outerlands; it was on my list. i had a free sunday and use of a car so i went.

outerlands captures both my personal and culinary aesthetic. it's simple and small with most of the kitchen visible. behind the stove is a row of made-there loaves of bread, and the walls are covered in driftwood mosaics. everything looked handmade.

dining here was a magical experience. i was seated outside. i had my own water pitcher, and although all the small wares were from ikea the effect was heath pottery. it was a brunch day and there were maybe six choices. i had the savory pancake with bacon, a side of salad greens, and a hot lemon ginger apple cider. it looked and tasted like they'de steeped organic apple juice on the stove with coins of ginger and then juiced half a lemon and added it right before they serve it to you. so good.

the food runners were cute. kind of a matched set, they had gucci mohawks and wore their rags for wiping down tables in the back like little tails. they made up for their lack of professional serving skills by being caring and genuine.

posted in outerlands i found my new motto: to the past thanks. to the future yes. outerlands: outer sunset in san francisco on judah at 45th. they share their block with some other interesting businesses; trouble coffee co. and general store where you can buy my cookbook souplove.

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