Monday, December 28, 2009

food network

a lot has changed since my donut man and i moved from west to north oakland six months ago. no more taco tuesdays with bikerjason and asherfresh and no more pirate internet. we pay our own cable bill now, and for the first time in eleven years i have tv that i watch fairly regularly. cable tv. i mostly watch foodnetwork and the shows that involve a competition. we're all pretty into it.

my favorite show is called chopped. it starts with four chefs who cook from a mystery basket of ingredients and compete on an appetizer, followed by an entree and then dessert with one chef getting chopped in each round. the final two chefs aren't judged by who makes the best dessert, but on their overall meal.

i can often pick out the winner right away, and true to my nature often root for the underdog. the person who wins is the one who is the most calm, the one who doesn't abandon correct technique in an unfamiliar kitchen. having range and knowing how flavors go together helps, as does remembering what you already know: appetizers are smaller, dessert should be sweet.

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