Tuesday, March 18, 2014

avocado & citrus kale salad

it's just a few days until the first day of spring, but most afternoons lately have felt more like summer. a little bit more raw food feels right, and citrus, kale and avocado are magical together.

this is a very simple salad, but it does require a bit of knife work. kale salads are healthy, hold up well and make you the super hero of any potluck. stay tuned for more in-season recipes.

avocado & citrus kale salad

one bunch dinosaur kale
2 cara cara oranges
one sweet grapefruit like ruby or oro blanco
one avocado
olive oil
sea salt

1. wash and cut kale into fine ribbons by rolling up leaves and cutting crosswise discarding any tough bottom stems. put into a medium sized bowl.

2. cut avocado in half and score into diamonds. spoon out the flesh and add to kale.

3. using a very sharp knife, trim oranges and grapefruit by cutting off the stem and flower ends. trim off all pith and peel, and cut crosswise into wheels.

4. now take all of the leftover citrus peels and squeeze the juice over the kale and avocado and add a big pinch of salt. stir to combine and taste. add a drizzle of olive oil and then taste again. would more salt be good?

5. fold in orange and grapefruit slices or arrange on top.

all ingredients are available at corner market north oakland. cooking tips are free.

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