Friday, July 5, 2013

summer solstice

and just like that it was summer.

this year i spent the first days of summer at camp tipsy with joshie, some of his friends, and for the last night and day; nate and olive.

it's not very often we get to spend so many days alone in the quiet away from the city and our work. i planned our meals this time so we had a beautiful dinner every night, usually sharing a big salad out of the same bowl.

in the quiet i figured out some of what is next.

for the rest of the summer i am going to feature recipes from my latest cookbook as well as out-takes that didn't make it into print.

happy summer. so far so good.

camp tipsy salad

one head red leaf romaine
handful of flat leaf parsley
2 nectarines (or 3 pluots, 5 apricots, peaches or cherries)
one avocado

one shallot, extra fine dice
sherry vinegar
olive oil

1. trim off the sandy bottom and carefully rinse romaine and tear into pieces. pick parsley leaves and cut nectarines and avocado into large chunks.

2. put shallot into a small bowl with just enough vinegar to cover and a generous pinch of salt. let sit as long as you can stand it, then whisk in olive oil to your taste.

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