Monday, April 29, 2013

italian style fried rice

i always feel good when i have leftover rice from my rice cooker and am able to use it all up without wasting any of it. lately my main interests with my cooking are health and economy. i hate to waste food and i want to be as healthy as possible.

on this thread i have sometimes been making fried rice in the morning with seasonal vegetables like asparagus and spring onions along with chilis, ginger, garlic, tamari and sometimes toasted sesame oil.

this afternoon i was inspired and decided to use the same method to achieve a very different and delicious result. this was all made with food i had on hand at home.

italian style fried rice
serves one

part of a cauliflower
half a bulb of fennel
3 green onions
a few sprigs of basil
olive oil
leftover rice
one egg
a few gratings of parmesan
fennel fronds

1. in a medium sized pan saute sliced vegetables, onions and basil with olive oil and salt until golden.

2. add about half a cup of cold rice, breaking up a little bit on top of the vegetables. heat for a few minutes and stir together.

3. in a medium sized bowl combine the egg with parmesan, a tiny splash of cold water and a big pinch of sea salt and whisk with a fork for one minute.

4. lower heat to medium low and pour egg mixture over the rice and vegetable mixture. allow to cook briefly and fold over using a spatula a few times until the egg is set.

5. garnish with chopped fennel frond.

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