Thursday, June 7, 2012

be love farm

i've been lucky to be able to do a lot of fun things lately. for the first time joshie and i were able to visit be love farm in vacaville where the engleharts, the founders of cafe gratitude live and grow a wide variety of organic crops and raise chickens and cows.

we had a short tour around the farm and then dinner.

chandrafresh and eric-james were the cooks for the evening.
this is what we had:

farm lettuces with lemon vinaigrette and a be love farm egg
corn and potato gordas with salsa and raw milk yogurt
braised kale with roasted tomatoes and pumpkin seeds
raw milk and honey ice cream with honey candied walnuts and fresh mullberries

everything was grown and sewn on the farm
needless to say; we were grateful.


  1. More stories, I like your stories.

    1. like, stories about what i'm doing? which article did you particularly like? i'm interested. thanks for commenting.