Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring menu

it's sunday march 20th and i still haven't ever confirmed wether the first day of spring is march 20th or the 21st.

this is my second spring running the kitchen at the local 123. it's gone by quickly and i am honored to be able to be true to the seasons and to be in alignment with nature with my food offerings.

some things to look forward to: local poach with fennel buttered toast. steel cut oats with strawberry inna jam, maple candied almonds and fresh strawberries. spring granola with coconut chips, sliced almonds and dried apricots. the return of meyer lemon viniagrette. corn cherry muffins. lemon lentil soup. famous oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips.

i'm meeting friedafresh at the cafe tonight for salad and sausages and wine and then we'll be up on the ladder updating our menu board. the dream is real.

i hope that our guests appreciate all the little changes. happy spring.

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