Monday, February 22, 2010

circus cookies

last week was winter break and we had nathan. i was doing one of my early morning baking shifts and got word from joshfresh that he was having one of his donut emergencies, and could i take nathan? i had plans to deliver cookbooks in sanfrancisco.

i biked home, got the bug and picked nate up at the donut factory in west oakland.

we dropped some books off at atomic garden in oakland and hit the bridge.

our first sanfrancisco stop was the curiosity shoppe in the mission, where famous blogger heidi swanson bought her copy of souplove. we stayed a while and got back in the car to go to the outer sunset to visit our friend serena one of the owners of general store, that also carries my book.

i just recently discovered this magical block and while i'd definitely noticed trouble coffee i had never bought anything there. natefresh was antsy so i let him go next door. he bought us two circus cookies and one glass of milk. they upsold him on the milk but it was the right idea and probably organic. the cookies had looked good when we walked by.

circus cookies are basic chocolate chip with, i shit you not, crackerjacks baked into them. they were also slightly underset in the middle which i normally don't like, but did. they tasted like childhood.

nate and i walked to the beach eating our cookies, and went on to have more fun than i can remember having. so much much epic fun. i went along with the idea of taking off our shoes and going into the water, even though it was so cold, and i'm sure his mom would have *so* not appreciated us doing that.

soggy and wet we decided to stay and eat in the city. we went to outerlands and this is what we had: hot lemon ginger apple ciders, artichoke with aioli, bacon, leek and cheese tart with green salad, shepards pie, braised cabbage with dark toasted almonds and coffee pot de creme with mixed citrus supremes. all delivered to us with true sacred service.

nathan drew pictures of the ocean while we waited for our food. they are on display in the kitchen gallery at outerlands.

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